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world religion assignment 1

The goal of this assignment is to cause you to think about who is a Jew and whether or not one can lose that designation.

1. to read about past and present movements of Judaism click on link:

After reading, you may ask friends, fellow students, do more research from books and/or search the internet to answer the questions below?

A. What is the criteria for being Jewish? What does it mean to be Jewish?

B. Can anything disqualify a Jewish person who wishes to be called a Jew from continuing to be Jewish?

C. Are there Jews who do not believe in God and do not practice Jewish customs? Does believing in atheism, pantheism or monism disqualify a person born in Jewish family from being Jewish? Some Jews who survived the holocaust became atheists but are still called Jewish by many. Are they still Jewish?

D. If a Jew is born Jewish, follows Jewish rituals and customs, but they believe in anyone as a Messiah (for example, Lubavitch – Brooklyn Messiah), is that person Jewish? This question is not just about Jesus, it pertains to a host of other persons who were supposed to be the Messiah (not just Jesus).

E. Do an internet search on Simeon Bar Kochba and Zevi Shabbatai and Lubavitch Hasidism. Did the Jews who believed in these movements continue to be considered Jewish?

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