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As a reminder, the final paper is due by May 14, 2022. The paper should be 10-15

As a reminder, the final paper is due by May 14, 2022.
The paper should be 10-15 pages in length, double spaced, citations for all statements that you quote (i.e., if it is a fact, then you must have a citation—a graduate paper is not about your opinion), and most important of all, the paper must be proof-read.
Identify and briefly describe the issue(s) you will address in this paper.
Policy Analysis/Program Evaluation
Define what policy analysis/program evaluation is, and why you should be involved in this effort on a daily basis. Why is it important to assess public policies?
Your Policy Evaluation
What is the subject of your analysis/evaluation? What prior research/literature exists on your subject; that is, has anyone ever examined it before?
Describe how to assess your strategies/programs?
How will you evaluation this effort, what method(s) will you used to evaluate your policy/program?
Provide a brief summary of this chapter. I call this your “elevator speech;” that is, when you enter the elevator with your boss, you have less one minute to state your case to conduct the evaluation.

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