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Assignment presentation with notes details below( moneygramm only as payment)


You are required to identify an entrepreneurial opportunity, conceptualize the

business concept/model and describe the feasibility of the new venture proposal for a

presentation to a group of potential investors using not more than 18 PowerPoint slides in

a 20 minutes presentation. The category for the business venture is “Healthy Asian



The first slide should be a title page with the usual information as well as the full names

and identification numbers of each of the team members. Total number of slides

submitted should be clearly stated on the first slide. 


You should type in additional notes in the “Notes” section below each PowerPoint slide

to support each point highlighted in the slide. These notes should be concise and directly

Entrepreneurship, Capital and the Firm Group Assignment                                                                                                                                Page 2 of 3

explained the key points. As a guide, explanation note for each point should not be more

than five (5) lines. 


Each group will have to make a 15 minutes presentation to present their proposal to the


“potential investors”. The presentation shall represent 5% of the total assignment marks. 

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