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need help with the following four discussion questions the first two uestion due by 2/20/14

The first two questions due by 2/20/14 and question three and four due by 2/21/14

1.       In many ways, comparing multiple sample means is simply an extension of what we covered last


Week. What situations exist where a multiple (more than two) group comparison would be appropriate? (Note: Situations could relate to your work, home life, social groups, etc.).  Create a null and alternate hypothesis for one of these issues.  What would the results tell you? Several statistical tests have a way to measure effect size. 




2.       Several statistical tests have a way to measure effect size.  What is this, and when might you want to use it in looking at results from these tests on job related data?




3.       Earlier we discussed issues with looking at only a single measure to assess job-related results.  Looking back at the data examples you have provided in the previous discussion questions on this issue, how might adding confidence intervals help managers understand results better?




4.       Chi-square tests are great to show if distributions differ or if two variables interact in producing outcomes.  What are some examples of variables that you might want to check using the chi-square tests?  What would these results tell you?


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