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module 3 assessment essay component



Answer the following essay questions. in a Word document. State your answers in your own words, in complete sentences, and give complete answers/explanations with examples where applicable. Please name your Word document “Last name, First name – Essay3” and your Microsoft Project document “Last name, First name – MSProject3”

1. What is “scope creep”? What actions can a project manager take to avoid and control scope creep on his or her project? (10 points)

2. Draw out the answer to the following question on paper and scan it or create the drawing in Word or Visio (or other electronic tool): (15 points)

Draw the following project schedule (See textbook section 8.8 and exhibits 8.11-8.15)

  • Task A duration 10 days
  • Task B duration 5 days, the predecessor is task A
  • Task C duration 8 days, the predecessor is task A
  • Task D duration 15 days, the predecessor is task B
  • Task E duration 10 days, the predecessor is task B
  • Task F duration 2 days, the predecessor is task C
  • Task G duration 10 days, predecessors are tasks D, E, and F
  • Indicate the ES, EF, LS, LF and slack time (format as displayed in examples) and provide a legend
  • Highlight/Identify the critical path on the diagram
  • Show the enumeration method to determine the critical path
  • Be sure that both methods indicate the same critical path

3. MS Project Exercise (25 points)

Complete the following in Microsoft Project 2013 or later:

  • Begin with this MS project file, and make the following changes:
  • Change your project start date to be 1/8/2020. (1 point).
  • Display the project summary task (Task 0) (1 point)
  • Display the WBS numbers (1 point)
  • Change the deadline on the Office Building Complete milestone to 12/2/2020 (1 point)
  • Add durations to all the low level (work) tasks (5 points)
    • Note: Do not change durations on milestones or summary tasks. The summary tasks will automatically change when you add durations and the schedule.
  • Schedule all of these tasks logically using a variety of dependencies (Be sure to have at least one of each type: SS, FF, FS). The use of an SF dependency is optional. Note: The tasks are meant to be performed sequentially. Note: Remember – you do not schedule summary tasks. (5 points)
  • Set at least one task to have lead time (1 point)
  • Set at least one task to have lag time (1 point)
  • Display the critical path on the standard Gantt Chart (1 point)
  • Create a new calendar based on the standard calendar and call it UNA Calendar (2 points)
  • Add the UNA holidays for the current semester to the UNA Calendar (2 points) Link to UNA Calendar : (Links to an external site.)
  • Set your project to use the UNA calendar rather than the standard calendar. (2 points)
  • Adjust milestone deadlines, as necessary. (1 point)
  • Be sure that the project completes before the deadline for the milestone task: “Office Building Complete” (You may need to change your schedule and/or dependencies to make this happen) (1 point) Note: This final milestone MUST have a logical predecessor.
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