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article review video 0

Review of the video above.

follow the outline and use the words emic and etic.

1.Your introduction. This should be modeled after the one provided in the instructions.
2. The summary of the paper you are reviewing. This should be a
SEPARATE AND SPECIFIC SECTION and a thorough summary so that the purpose of the author (of the paper you are reviewing) is made clear as well as sufficient academic information from the work is made available to me (the reader.) It may be more than a paragraph.
3. The weak points of the article you are reviewing. This should be
a separate and specific section and should have examples given so to support concrete any statement you make.
4. The strong points of the article. This section should
a separate and specific section and have examples as well.
5. Your opinion on any subject that the article you are reviewing touches on. This should not be just a few sentences but
a separate and specific section..
6. A brief conclusion or summary
of your review that is
separate and specific. This should also include an idea for the next piece of research that should be done to continue the research in the paper you reviewed.
Word Count: 500
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