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conspiracy theory artifact analysis and presentation

What is the central narrative or story of the artifact? What is the argument? Who appear to be the key players and victims in the conspiracy? Is a specific motive for the conspiracy identified? Does the artifact explain how or why the conspiracy has been kept secret? • What evidence is presented in favor of the conspiracy? Is the evidence credible? Where does it come from? Are experts identified and cited? Can you identify their credentials? Does the artifact cite specific documents, data, or other material to support its claims? Are their gaps in the evidence or missing pieces? Are any counterarguments presented? • How would you describe the rhetorical style of the artifact? What techniques are used to build credibility and persuade the audience? To whom might the artifact appeal and why? Does the artifact adopt the rhetoric of scientific inquiry? Does it adopt a “paranoid” or apocalyptic style? Does it adopt a polarized perspective between good and evil? • What is the underlying theory of power or politics presented in the artifact? Are there aspects of this theory that are logical or accurate? How might we situate this conspiracy theory within past or present political and social conflicts/tensions? What role does human agency play in the conspiracy? Is a specific course of action recommended? • Does the artifact draw on other conspiracy theories (true, false, or unknown)? Can you identify any related conspiracy theories, whether the artifact mentions them or not? How does the artifact fit in with other conspiracy theories you’re familiar with? • What evidence is available to refute or disprove the conspiracy theory? What aspects of the conspiracy theory are illogical or unsupported? • Overall, how does the artifact demonstrate the hallmarks or key characteristics of conspiracy theory, based on our readings and class discussion? What specific examples from our readings can you point to that would help us understand or contextualize the artifact?

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