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five to seven paragraph essay

Write a five to seven paragraph essay about one of the following topics.

Include 6 citations from the Divine textbook.

Please use the following method for citations:

(Divine, p. 289)

Divine: Chapters 16 through 23

Annual Editions: Units 1 and 2

1.Compare and contrast the experiences of African Americans during Reconstruction and the Jim Crow era (1877 to 1915)

2. Write about the changes that one or more of the following groups experienced: women, workers, farmers, and immigrants.

3. What were the most important changes in the American economy of our period?

4.What were the most important technological changes our period.

5.What were the most important problems faced by the American people during the period we have studied, and how did reformers try to solve these problems.

By our period, I am referring to the Reconstruction era through the Progressive era, approximately 1865 to 1912.

Divine textbook link:…

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