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Module 5: Discussion Topic 3: Apostrophes, Hyphens, Dashes

Similar to what you did with the thesis statement exercise, correct the statements in the downloadable PDF called “Apostrophe exercise and more” and then post one corrected sentence, choosing which sentence to post based on your posting order. If you’re the first to post, then post sentence #1; if you’re the second, post #2; and so on until the twelfth person, who will start again at #1 since there are only 11 sentences. Please make your own correction if you’re the second to work on a sentence–and then go see what the other person did afterward. Note: as it says on the PDF, all the dashes and hyphens are correctly used; it’s only the apostrophes that need fixing. If you have any questions about dashes and hyphens and/or why one of them is correct, feel free to also post your questions on this board.

Here is the Apostrophe Exercise PDF: Module5-ApostropheExercise.pdfPreview the documentView in a new window

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