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1. In order for a team to be successful, it must be structured so that members are fulfilling necessary roles. Write a short essay in which you describe key roles within a team, and choose which role best fits your own managerial style.

2. Describe the stages of team development.

3. Discuss the determinants of team cohesiveness and its consequences.

4. Discuss the differences between distributive and integrative negotiation. Describe the steps for achieving a win-win solution with integrative negotiation.

5. Briefly discuss the various styles that can be used to handle conflict.

6. A team is a unit of people who interact and coordinate their work toward a common goal. Relate one of your own personal experiences of working as part of a team (perhaps in school, in sports, or at work), and use that example to illustrate the value of teams in the modern workplace and how managers can build teams for a competitive advantage.

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