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Assignment at least 3 pages

Reading the following articles:

  • Reading 1: Blind Spots, Max H. Bazerman and Ann E. Tenbrunsel, summarized by Linda Hefferin 213
  • Reading 2: Authentic Leadership, Bill George, summarized by Randy Skalberg 218
  • Reading 1: Prisoners of Our Thoughts, Alex Pattakos, summarized by Gary P. Olson 225

From Helpful Resources

  • Institute for Corporate ethics, and
  • Ethical Corporation Magazine

Gould, Jay W. (1999). Ethics: a pencil case. Journal of Management History, 5(8), 506-512.

Schwab, Bernhard (June, 1996). A note on ethics and strategy: Do good ethics always make for good business? Strategic Management Journal, 17(6), 499-500.

Find articles written from 2000 to 2015 and after that discuss

  • Ethical issues in corporations (this can be domestic or international or both)

Complete the following research assignment:

  • Using the assigned readings in the text,
  • Using the web sites from Helpful Resources, and

Prepare a 3 to 5pages critical essay that addresses the following Topic:

Given the ethical constructs from your readings, analyze the ethical management practices of two different, past dilemma. What went wrong? How well did management deal with the problem? What could and should management have done differently?

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