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D-3 SS

1.Marijuana and the Medical Controversy
Discuss the effects of marijuana as well as the controversies concerning its dangers. Should marijuana be legalized for medical use only? If yes, should the federal government control a state’s ability to regulate its prescription and use? How would this be accomplished? If it should not be legalized for medical use, why not?
2.Discussion topic 1 of 1

After reading Issues in Personal Account: Addiction: Not the Individual Alone on page 86 in your textbook, answer the following statement/question:

  • Discuss the impact of addiction on the individual mentioned in the story, his family members, and society, and who you think was most impacted. Why do people continue with their addiction even though there may be many things at stake?
  • Using the story, and the section on Social Policy on pages 109-114 of your textbook, discuss what you see as successful and unsuccessful policies related to drugs and/or alcohol. What, if any, influence can human services professionals have on these policies? 



Two questions Apa style. 

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