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Discuss are people of similar traits of physical attractiveness drawn toward one another in establishing romantic relationships.

Create a 7 pages page paper that discusses are people of similar traits of physical attractiveness drawn toward one another in establishing romantic relationships. The researcher hypothesized that there would, indeed, exist a positive correlation between couples of the same average level of physical beauty being rated on similar levels in a 1-10 scale. or that both variables representing each partner in a romantic relationship would co-vary in the same direction. thus a directional hypothesis. In a correlational research study, the correlational coefficient will vary between 0 and +1.00 (if positive) or between 0 and -1.00 (if negative). In some studies, attractiveness levels of long-term spouses have correlated above .50. (Manstead & Hewstone, 1999). Walster & Walster (1969) conducted an experiment that indicated a .89 correlation (high) between physical attractiveness and the subsequent perceived desire for another individual. This researcher chose to analyze the results of this study using a correlational method as part of verifying the directional hypothesis.

The concept of the Matching Hypothesis was offered by a professional researcher in psychology, E. Walster, who, in conjunction with various researchers, established high correlation coefficients that supported the theory. Walster and Walster (1969) conducted an experiment where participants in the study were randomly paired in a “computer dance” scenario and then issued a follow-up survey to rate the acceptability of their partners. It was found in this study that physical attractiveness outweighed any other factor for the participants’ favoring their paired partner. thus a positive correlation between perceived attractiveness and the desire to co-mingle.

Further, Berscheid & Walster have conducted research studies that have supported the view that people tend to prefer partners who are more similar to them in terms of attractiveness (Harvey et al, 2004). With this mounting professional evidence available supporting the Matching Hypothesis, this researcher formulated a viable study following a similar methodology as that of previous researchers in the pursuit of establishing a direct correlation between similar levels of celebrity beauty and their subsequent participants’ ratings.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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