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Discussion on biometrics and strong authentication.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic biometrics and strong authentication. This report employs quantitative research techniques by critically analyzing previously recorded or published works on the theme of Biometrics. The essence of this is to analyze, summarize and eventually draw a conclusion on the extent of use of biometrics as a significant instrument for personal identification and authentication. Relevant literature is used to produce cogent reasoning for the importance of Biometrics in the modern world.

Practical biometrics employs the use of both facial recognition and fingerprinting to authenticate a person’s identity. This unique system has been proved to be the most efficient method for personal identification.

Fingerprinting has become the oldest technique used as biometric markers. These markers are “ the impressions of the papillary or friction ridges on the surfaces of the hand. In police and civil applications, the primary interest is in the ridges on the front of the fingers above the end joint. In certain forensic applications, the area of interest is broader and includes all of the friction ridge surfaces on the hands. This includes the fingers, the palms, and the so-called writers’ palms (that is, the area on the little finger side of each hand, the part that rests on the paper when one writes),” (Ware 75). However, the latent impressions that stuck on objects someone has touched or grabbed came from a residue deposited on the objects. and this residue is from a collection of sweat, organic solids such as amino acids, and inorganic solids such as salts or blood, or other materials the hand has touched lately.

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The earlier use of fingerprint cards was the first attempt to standardized the fingerprint data gathered from individuals. FBI developed several standards to differentiate which fingerprint belongs to whom: these include the card sizes, type of ink, text fields, location of fingerprints, and other factors (Ware 78). Later, manual matching of fingerprints was used as law enforcement had to struggle to identify and authenticate many fingerprints collected.


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