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India as an economic force? It sounds odd to consider this fact based upon the India of 20 years ago, when people were fleeing to escape India’s economic woes. However, today India as a modern economic power is a reality. One sign of this is that many jobs in the West, especially in the high tech fields, are being outsourced to India. After completing your assigned reading for the module, prepare a 1 page paper that discusses the impact of India’s economy on the United States and other current world economic powers.


Use this source: Hauss, C. (2015). Comparative Politics: Domestic Responses to Global Challenges, 9th Edition. [Bookshelf Ambassadored]. Retrieved from


you can also use reliable sources too.


Rubric – Written Assignments
50 points: Foundation of knowledge: Assignment is written in student’s own words, presenting a position that has been well thought out. Demonstrates clear evidence that student has completed and understood the assigned reading by incorporating relevant information from the textbook, and demonstrates mastery of the lesson material.

30 points: Evidence: Incorporates facts/material from the assigned reading primarily, and other reputable sources secondarily to support student’s position.

10 points: Citations: Cites sources appropriately using BOTH in-text citations AND a references page in APA format.

10 points: Mechanics: Writing quality, grammar, organization, meets page length requirements

Total: 100 points

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