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In this unit, there has been discussion regarding various programs used to aid in the rehabilitation of inmates. Some circles of thought hold that that there are no programs that can help reduce recidivism. These conclusions stem partly from inadequate programs that have been used throughout the country, which have often been implemented haphazardly without leveraging valuable resources that are specific to the rehabilitative issue. Because there are multiple models of inmate assessment, a model specifically designed for needs assessment for rehabilitation must be used to better serve the inmates in their rehabilitative journey.

For this assignment, assume you are a top-level manager at a minimum custody level prison housing 1,000 inmates. The inmates who are housed at your facility have committed various types of nonviolent crimes, including drug offenses, and many have issues with alcohol abuse and anger management. Because it is minimum custody, the inmates have flexibility to move about the facility or even venture outside under supervision for work details.

The warden has informed you that it looks like there may be some extra money in the state budget to allocate to prison programs; she has come to you because you are the head of programs that are provided to inmates. The warden also knows you believe the rehabilitative process and you have done a spectacular job, given the level of programs you have had to institute with limited funds in the past. The warden has made it clear she thinks you should receive extra funds due to your enthusiasm and belief in rehabilitation. The warden will have to go before state officials and make a proposal for new programs for your facility and has asked for your assistance. She also suggests you locate programs from around the country that have been successful to inform your choices. The warden would like a recorded PowerPoint presentation that addresses the areas listed below.


In your PowerPoint presentation and audio recording:

  • Describe two programs you would like to see implemented at your facility.
  • Analyze which group of inmates the programs would best serve.
  • Determine external and internal resources you would need to implement the programs.
  • Explain one benefit to the inmates if these programs were implemented.
  • Summarize one benefit to staff if these programs were implemented.


Your assignment should meet the following requirements:

  • Written communication: Must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • Resources and citations: Format according to current APA guidelines.
  • Required number of references: A minimum of two.
  • Required slide count: 10, not including the title slide or the references slides.

Note: If you require the use of assistive technology or alternative communication methods to participate in these activities, please contact to request accommodations.

PowerPoint Resources

  • Use the Guidelines for Effective PowerPoint Presentations (given in the resources) as a foundation for designing your presentation.
    • Note: Main points and illustrations are to be captured in the PowerPoint slides. It is recommended that you paste the script that you will record using Kaltura in the Notes section for each slide.
  • View the PowerPoint Presentations library guide.
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