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emotions moods traits and values

Although emotions and moods impact on-the-job performance, employees are often times chosen for their personality traits. Along with a person’s personality type, the organization’s culture is considered. The company recruiter tries to hire decision-makers he/she thinks will fit into the existing company culture. In this Discussion, you will consider all three aspects impacting employee hiring and employee effectiveness.

Label the three parts of your response as Part A, Part B, and Part C.

Topic 1: Emotions, Moods, Traits, and Values:

  • Part A: Based in the Reading, which emotions and moods have you experienced in your past or current job and how did it impact your performance?
  • How was Affective Events Theory or Trait Activation Theory (see Chapter 5) involved or not? Explain.
  • Part B: Characterize the personality of your past or current boss (do not use any names or organization names) using one of the major personality theories presented in your Reading.
  • Part C: According to your Reading, how do someone’s values relate to their culture and to organizational outcomes?

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