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Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries multi-part question and nee

Learning Goal: I’m working on a research & summaries multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Research ArticleDon’t Let the Flu Catch You: Agency Assignment in Printed Educational Materials About the H1N1 Influenza VirusQuestions 1) What was the purpose of this research study? State in your OWN words.2) Pick one hypothesis tested in the study and write it out in ONE, SINGLE, COMPLETE sentence. Specify IV and DV in the hypothesis:H1:a) Identify dependent variable:b) Identify independent variable:3) What theory or theories provided the foundation for this study ?4) What type of research design did the researchers use? If an experiment, specify the type of theexperiment used.5) What were the experimental manipulation(s) in this study? Briefly explain in your own words.6) Did the researchers use manipulation checks? If so, what were they ?7) How did the researchers operationalize the dependent variable you listed in Q2 in this study ?8) How did the researcher (s) establish internal reliability and internal validity? Specify the typeof internal validity used and information for evaluating internal reliability.a)Internal validity evaluation: Type of validity:b)Internal reliability evaluation: Information used to make the evaluation:9) Does this study have strong external validity? Briefly explain why/why not.YES / NO:Why:10) Which statistical tests were used in this study to test for the proposed hypotheses?11) Briefly explain TWO findings/conclusions from this study using your OWN words. In your explanation, state whether these findings have “social significance” and why/why not (5 pts).Finding 1:Social significance:Finding 2:Social significance:12) Briefly explain the TWO limitations of the study using your OWN words (5 pts).Limitation 1:Limitation 2:

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