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prepare and submit a paper on crtical apprisal 2. LTRA is the main subject of this paper by Currie, et al.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on crtical apprisal 2. LTRA is the main subject of this paper by Currie, et al.

This study is focused because it clearly states its target population of concern which is patients with persistent asthma. Secondly it addresses the issue of what physicians turn to when asthma is persistent. Specifically, these are LTRA and LABA. These two play a very important role as they are legally administered and known second line therapy. In the UK, their guidelines state that in the first instance, LABA should be administered as a therapeutic trial. If this is unsuccessful, then this is the time to administer LTRA. Third, outcomes are clearly defined. Physicians give inhaled corticosteroids when a patient is diagnosed with asthma. For persistent symptoms, they choose to introduce LABA. This is known to be more effective than an increase in dosage of the inhaled corticosteroids. Additional therapy with LTRA is presented to be more effective than LABA in its overall efficacy.

Only appropriate, related and relevant papers and journals were included in this review article. In fact, in the material and methods section of this paper, the researchers pointed out that they searched for suitable trials with its relevance evident in the title and abstract. This therefore implies that no literature included used LTRA or LABA as a secondary topic. Researchers focusing on these were included and not those that just merely mentioned the two. The data base used MEDLINE Clinical Evidence, Cochrane Library and EMBASE database, are supported by reputable organizations.

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The research for significant literature also had key guidelines limiting searches to about 11 words. This definitely narrowed down the search and only produced crucial and relevant journals that are directly related to the research topic. A statistical analysis was not used. Certain data from the studies were taken and reviewed.


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