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submit a term paper on Women Managers: Female Expatriates

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Women Managers: Female Expatriates. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. More so ever, if the female is married, than family support becomes highly important for the female as personal negativity in most scenarios affect professional outcomes. The country in which the female expats is sent, the attitude of the host nationals becomes a nagging factor for female expats. However, the fact exists that female expats are as capable as their male counterparts. Still lot of MNC’s women has a lot of advantages when it comes to their international projects. The very first advantage is the factor of visibility. When a woman is stationed abroad the clients get more curious about female managers and always want to meet them. Secondly, female expats are experts in interpersonal skills and locals of both genders tend to indulge in conversations as people tend to talk on broad topics with women managers. When a woman manager enters an international office, the local staff to clients gives more special treatments when compared to their male counterparts. The best advantage, however, is the assumption factor of the locals. In most countries, it is assumed that in an international office of any MNC, a male manager would be found and comprehended, but when a female manager comes into picture, clients and local staff believes that the female has to be the best of the best, as the company would have sent a male manager instead. Because of this, the female expats receive more respect due to this assumption. The smarter corporations have understood the salient advantages of sending females for international ventures and have been successfully getting their operations done through them.


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