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write an article on Fieldwork report.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Fieldwork report. It needs to be at least 2000 words. While reporting this session, I will also examine these aspects.

Being a senior registered nurse in a Hong Kong Hospital, it is part of my duty to teach the fellow nurses and nursing students. In my work as an infectious disease nurse, coming across patients with infection is a daily routine, but as a nurse, I must be able to follow the hospital guidelines regarding infection containment. There are certain theoretical principles that guide these infection prevention policies, and isolation is one of them. Like every hospital, our hospital also sends suspected patients to isolation so spread of a particular infection and related contagious disease is prevented (Hospital Authority, 2006). There are certain places where such a patient is to be restricted during the span of the disease, and once the patient is no longer contagious, the patients is discharged to a step-down unit. The relevance of these guidelines are to be understood by the students and nurses, so they can follow the hospital guidelines accurately based on their understanding on the topic (Preventing Transmission). After I was entrusted to conduct a teaching session, I made thorough preparation to design the course content, the audiovisual aids, and hand out questionnaire to assess knowledge of the participants at the end of the session. The date of my session was scheduled to be on September 18, 2008.

Report on the Session

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The session was held on September 18, 2008, in the hospital lecture theater. It was a well illuminated, spacious sound-proof room with state of the art and comfortable seating arrangement. There was a modern public address system, and the teacher is supposed to talk through it. The audiovisual head sets were available for each student, but since the group was large, all new headsets could not be arranged for all. At the end and also in the feedback form, quite a few of the students complained about disturbed hearing, and sometimes, they could not even follow the lecture (Bahn, D., 2001). There was a podium, where I was standing and talking, and the podium had been structured in such a manner that all students can have an equal view. There was computer set up in the room, an internet connection, and the computer was connected to an LCD projector. The functions of these were checked and rechecked before the session began so technical failure does not happen.

I must accept that once on the podium, I was feeling a little shaky, by voice was dry, and was perplexed for a moment or two, not able to pick my words. However, I was careful to demonstrate openness of my personality, and in the introduction while setting my topic, I made it clear that we shall learn together. This broke the ice, and a healthy learning environment was set up immediately (Bastable, S., 2003). I also informed that whenever they think they are having difficulty following, they are welcome to stop me and ask questions, and I would heartily entertain them. I also mentioned that there are time constraints in the programme, and they should not ask anything unnecessary or irrelevant during the session.


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